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Registration & Company Questions

What Are Your Terms & Conditions?
What Are Your Child Welfare Policies?
What Information Do You Need About Us?
How Much Is My Child's Class?
How Do I Sign My Child Up For Gymnastics?
How Do I Re-Register My Child For Gymnastics?
How Do I Register Additional Children or Classes?
How Do I Register Two or More Children Using the Invitation Link?
How Do I Pay For My Child?
Is There A Discount For Siblings?
At What Age Can My Child Start Gymnastics?
Is There A Waiting List?
When Can I Register My Child For Next Term?
Can My Child Start Mid-term?
How Do I Update My Account Details?
How Will Olympian Gymnastics Communicate With Parents In The Events Of Closures, Notices, Emergencies, Etc.?

Class / CAMP Information & Questions

Where Can I Find The Class Timetable/Schedule?
What Are The Class Terms?


What Should My Child Wear To Class?
Is My Child Allowed To Wear Socks?
Where Can I Drop Off And Pick Up My Gymnast?
What Should My Child Bring To Class?
What Is The Gymnast-To-Coach Ratio?
Where Can Parents Wait During Class?
Should We Arrive Early?
What Camps Does Olympian Run?
What Do I Need To Know About Camps?

Class Changes & Questions

Can My Child Attend Another Class If They Have Missed Theirs?
How Do I Move My Child From One Class To Another?
Can My Child Change Class Between Term 1 and Term 2?
Can My Child Change Class Before The Start of the Year?
What Can I Do If My Child Finds Their Class To Easy?
How Does My Child Join An Advanced Class?
How Does My Child Join The Display Squads?

Merchandise Questions

Where Can I Buy Club Merchandise?
When Will It Be Delivered?
What If I Order The Wrong Size?

Misc. Questions

Can We Speak To Our Child's Coach?
What Do I Do If My Child Is Going To Miss More Than One Class?
My Child Really Wants To Improve, Is There Anything They Can Practise At Home?
Who Do I contact If I Need To Speak To Anybody About My Child's Class?

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