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Olympian proficiency awards – Badge skills

What skills do my child have to work on for their Badge levels?
What are the Junior Badge Skills?


What are the Senior Badge Skills?
When is the Badge Presentation?
How long is the Badge Presentation?

Registration & Company Questions

What Are Your Terms & Conditions?
What Are Your Child Welfare Policies?
What Information Do You Need About Us?
How Much Is My Child's Class?
How Do I Register My Child For Gymnastics?
How Do I Register Additional Children or Classes?
How Do I Register Two or More Children Using the Invitation Link?
How Do I Pay For My Child?
Is There A Discount For Siblings?
At What Age Can My Child Start Gymnastics?
How Do I Sign My Child Up For Gymnastics?
Is There A Waiting List?
When Can I Register My Child For Next Term?
Can My Child Start Mid-term?
How Will Olympian Gymnastics Communicate With Parents In The Events Of Closures, Notices, Emergencies, Etc.?

Class Information & Questions

Where Can I Find The Class Timetable/Schedule?
What Should My Child Wear To Class?
Is My Child Allowed To Wear Socks?
Where Can I Drop Off And Pick Up My Gymnast?
What Should My Child Bring To Class?
What Is The Gymnast-To-Coach Ratio?
Where Can Parents Wait During Class?
Should We Arrive Early?

Class Changes & Questions

What Can I Do If My Child Finds Their Class To Easy?
Can My Child Attend Another Class If They Have Missed Theirs?
How Does My Child Join An Advanced Class?
How Does My Child Join The Display Squads?
How Do I Move My Child From One Class To Another?
Can My Child Change Class Between Term 1 and Term 2?

Merchandise Questions

Where Can I Buy Club Merchandise?
When Will It Be Delivered?
What If I Order The Wrong Size?

Misc. Questions

Can We Speak To Our Child's Coach?
What Do I Do If My Child Is Going To Miss More Than One Class?
My Child Really Wants To Improve, Is There Anything They Can Practise At Home?
Who Do I contact If I Need To Speak To Anybody About My Child's Class?

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