GYMTOTS has been carefully and beautifully designed for children aged 18 months – 5 years. It provides an introduction to fundamental gymnastics and movement in an environment which caters for our youngest little gym stars. Our program has been lovingly developed by pre-school gymnastics specialist and early childcare expert. We truly love this program and we hope you do too.

Our GYMTOTS programme is super exciting, have a look!

GYM TOTS STARTERS (Adult-child classes: 18 months – 3 years) This class is for our youngest little gym stars and their guardian. This is a coach led class for you and your little gym star. It is a beautiful way to bond and a great way to explore movement in a fun and safe environment. 18 months is the optimal age to start benefiting from all that gymnastics has to offer. Classes are available midweek and weekends, try one out for yourself and see what all the excitement is about.

GYM TOTS EXPLORERS (3 – 5 years) Your GYMTOT is now ready to participate without the help of an adult. They become more independent in their ability to use the apparatus and are confident in their physical capabilities. They have fun challenging themselves as they develop co-ordination, strength, and flexibility: helping them reach key developmental milestones. Your little Gym monkey will love this class!

GYM TOTS FREE-PLAY (Age: Up to 5 years) Free-play classes are slightly different as the parent and tot decide whereto go and what to do. There is a coach available if needed but the tots are free to explore the equipment at their own pace. These classes are for 1-5 years and are pay as you go.

All classes are subject to availability! Payment can be made in advance by calling our office, or you can pay when you arrive, by cash or card!

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Term week training program

€10 discount for siblings.

All term fees include a non-refundable ‘Member Sign-Up Fee’ that covers set-up, operational and administrative costs, and insurance. 

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**Gymnastics shoes are required to be worn in all our independent classes, but are not required for Adult-Child classes. These can be bought from our online shop, or from dance shops!**

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