Are you looking for something NEW, FUN, UNIQUE, CHALLENGING, and EXCITING. Olympian is proud to open DISPLAYgym to all its members.

Our DISPLAYgym programme is a fun, new, and innovative way to enjoy a mixture of dance, acrobatics and tumbling. DISPLAYgym is for all ages and abilities. Bring your friends along and be a part of something #Flippingawesome


We have a class for everyone

Our Tiny Team: Titans aged (5-7)

Rec Team: Hermes aged (8+) 



DISPLAYgym encourages gymnasts and friends to work together as a team in a creative and fun environment. It also offers gymnasts the unique chance to participate in gymnastics events all over the world, and get to meet other gymnasts. Our DISPLAYgym classes begin from age 5 with our Tinies team and Rec team open to anyone.

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Our Training HQ in Greenhills Tallaght Is home to our awesome flagship teams. Most of these teams have travelled all over the world.


Check out our teams-

Odyssey and Kallisto– who travel to events across Europe. These guys are at the top of their game and are Flippingawesome. See them in action!


Athena, who travel around Ireland and the UK. They are incredible to watch and they love performing. See for yourself!


Apollo, who also travel around the UK and Ireland. These guys got serious skills. Check it out

Artemis, these guys are the future, watch this space


Mania our newest addition, these guys are not wasting anytime and are really exciting to watch improving –

Everyone is welcome to join our DISPLAYgym teams. If you wish to join a team and would like to attend a trial class, You wont regret it!




Year week training program

€10 discount for siblings.

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from 550-€1,300/1 Years(Invite Only Squads)

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Trials for our Squad Teams are Invitation Only , members are generally taken from those in our Recreational Display teams and Tumbling Classes