Display gymnastics has always been apart of Olympians history from the time it was founded in 1965. Olympian’s current display squad was founded in 2005. The squad has grown now into three different teams of different levels. Each squad is comprised of 18-26 gymnasts ranging from ages 8 – 20. The routines are a combination of floor gymnastics, tumbling, acrobatics, and dance performed to music.

Our flagship squad Odyssey travels to events across Europe. Kallisto travel to events in Ireland and the UK, and Athena attend events across Ireland also.

We’ve recently begun a separate display squad in our Alexandra venue called Apollo, and it too hopes to travel to events across Ireland in the coming years.

It is a non competitive form of gymnastics, and is suitable for all ages boys and girls. Display gymnastics encourages gymnasts to work together as a team in a creative environment. It also offers gymnasts the unique chance to participate in gymnastics events all over the world, and get to meet other gymnasts.

We hold Trials every year for our  Display teams, who now train in our new permanent and fully equipped training facility and headquarters in Greenhills. If you wish to join a team and would like to attend a trial, just send us an email to register your interest.




15 week training program

€10 discount for siblings.


260/15 Weeks(Athena)

300/15 Weeks(Odyssey & Kallisto)

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Squad classes are Invitation Only and each year we hold Trials to determine who gets chosen for each squad

There are no classes at the moment.