All Star Cheerleading has moved beyond pom-poms and chants, it’s all out athleticism. Teams compete within a levels structure and each routine contains a stunting, jumps, dance and tumbling. All Star Cheer offers the chance for athletes of all ages to advance their skills, but is especially appealing to teenagers who feel they may have outgrown conventional gymnastics classes. Cheer places it’s focus on teamwork, self improvement and competitive spirit in a fun and friendly environment. Cheerleading takes the music you love and choreographs innovative and exciting routines to it! It’s glitz and glam but it’s also hard work and dedication.

Olympian Gymnastics are bringing All Star Cheer to the South Dublin with it’s newest venture: Olympian All Stars. Olympian will be gathering together top class tumbling coaches and choreographers to build one of Ireland’s hottest new All Star programs.

Does Cheerleading sound like your ideal new sport?

Olympian All Stars has four teams:

  • Nemesis, Senior Team, for ages 12+.
  • Zodiac, our Junior Team, for ages 10-14.
  • Chaos, our Youth Team, for ages 7-11.
  • Cosmos, our Pre-squad and recreational team, for ages 7+.

In the recent years since we began our teams have gone from strength to strength winning awards at event across Ireland. If have good core skills, such as forward/backwards walkover, back flip, or wish to achieve these goals, we want you to be part of our teams.

Each level has different skill requirements, so please register your interest at or contact us through our Facebook page (



15 week training program

€10 discount for siblings.

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150/15 Weeks(rec)

200-260/15 Weeks(Teams)

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